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Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Be it the way we transact or the way we interact, Computer Science Engineering’s impact on modern life runs deep and wide. IoT, Cloud computing, Crypto currency, Machine Learning, and so on are revolutionizing our day to day life. Hence, no doubt, the Department of Computer Science and Engineering is the most sought after department in engineering studies.

WE at CSMU, always strive to be at the forefront of this fast evolving field. We prepare computing graduates who are passionate at problem solving, who are productive and flexible at work, and who contribute to new developments in computing. We are collaborating with key industrial partners in pursuit of our research and educational endeavors.

Department USPs

  •  Train and teach students how to use computers effectively, creatively, and intelligently
  •  Instil computer science as a multifaceted, humanistic discipline of problem-solving
  •  Provide up-to-date curricula in the technical and scientific knowledge needed for the professional and academic goals of our students
  •  Embolden and participate in interdisciplinary undergraduate educational opportunities at CSMU
  •  Permeate students how to acquire novel knowledge independently in a world that changes with ever-increasing rapidity.
  •  Deliver students with experiential learning opportunities.
  •  Edify an increasing number of undergraduates in CS to meet the growing demands of the regional and national economy.


Dr. Vikas Kumar

M.Tech., Ph.D
[email protected]


Computer Laboratory
The Department had 7 computer laboratories for various programmes and purposes equipped with 300+ terminals. All the desktops are loaded with softwares and programming tools for C, C++, Java, MATLAB etc.