Prof. (Dr.) Keshari Lal Verma

Vice Chancellor

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj University (CSMU) aims to offer the best education to the students and holistically build humans who can lead the nation.
At CSMU, you will find a scholastic environment that encourages innovation and an urge to achieve excellence beyond ordinary. Highly qualified and committed faculties have enriched the University over the years. Experts in various fields are continuously developing new pedagogical techniques with the help of the state of the art equipment.
CSMU cherish the motivation to nurture the goals and ambitions of the students and to provide them with the stage from where they are able to explore their full potential.

Our academic programs are of excellent quality where the students will be enable to make their professional career. The courses are industry oriented , ranging from engineering, science, technology, business, management, commerce, architecture, design to humanities and our initiative expands to the profound knowledge in all fields. Our curriculum and pedagogy includes new and interactive methods for fostering team and leadership spirit in the students, for enhancement of soft skills as well as vocational skills among the students.
The University is currently in the process of establishing several national and international collaborations with leading institutions across the globe and create opportunities for higher study and internship programs.