CSMU offers the following categories of scholarships & financial assistance schemes to deserving students with the objective of encouraging meritorious students and promotion of academic excellence. Scholarships and financial assistance schemes to are available to the students for a minimum duration of one year to the entirety of the duration of their programme of study.

S. No. Name of scholarship & financial assistance scheme Qualifying Criteria Scholarship Amount
(% of programme fee waiver / Fee Concession)
1. Scholarship For Meritorious Students ≥95 % Marks or equivalent CGPA in Qualifying Examination 50%
≥90% to < 95 % Marks or equivalent CGPA in Qualifying Examination 25%
≥85% to < 90% Marks or equivalent CGPA in Qualifying Examination 10%
9.75-10.00 CGPA in subsequent years 50%
9.50-9.74 CGPA in subsequent years 25%
9.00-9.49 CGPA in subsequent years 10%
2. Scholarship For Defence Personnel / Freedom Fighters Defence/ police/ paramilitary personnel or their spouse 40%
Wards of Defence/ police/ paramilitary personnel 25%
Wards/ Grandchildren of Freedom Fighters 25%
3. Sports Scholarship International level competitor 70%
National level competitor 40%
State level competitor 25%
4. Scholarship For Reserved Categories / Minorities SC/ST 35%
EWS 15%
Divyang (PH) 20%
Minority 20%
5. Scholarship For Students of CSMU and their siblings / spouse If a brother/sister/husband/wife of existing students of CSMU is admitted to CSMU, both students will receive scholarship as long as both are enrolled. 25%
Alumni of CSMU or its sister institute admitted to higher degree 25% with a Max of Rs. 30000
6. Scholarship For CSMU and its sister institutes’ employee and their wards Employees or their Spouse/ Ward 50%
Brother/Sisters or Wards of brother/sister of Employees or such extended blood relations 15%
7. Assistantship for the COVID-affected The students who have unfortunately lost their parent(s) due to COVID-19, who had been the main source of income in their respective families. 25%
8. Teaching Assistantship for M. Tech. / Ph.D. Depending on the requirements of University departments/schools, limited number of M. Tech. and Ph.D. students may be awarded teaching assistantships (TA) of Rs. 8,000/- and Rs.15,000/- per month respectively. TA will be awarded on the recommendation of an interview committee constituted for this purpose.
9. President’s Scholarship The University awards the President's Scholarship to the students of the University who are in need or deserve financial assistance. The Hon’ble President may award this scholarship to the deserving student of any amount or approve any fee waiver as he deems fit.

These fee concessions continue throughout the programme.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. The above scholarship and financial assistance schemes are applicable to students admitted in the academic year 2022-23 only.
  2. To be eligible for the merit scholarship, the student must be under 22 years of age for undergraduate programme and 26 years of age for the postgraduate programmes. The student must not have any gap years between the qualifying examination and their admission to CSMU. The University may limit the number of scholarships in each category based on the number of applications received.
  3. Scholarships are not available in the programmes D. Pharm., B. Pharm., LL.B. etc. which have intake fixed by an apex statutory body (PCI / BCI / COA).
  4. These scholarships does not cover add-on courses or courses offered by Industry Partners, e.g. in the programmes with Industry Specialized Courses, Scholarship is awarded on the basis of the fee structure for the same programme without Industry Specialized courses.
  5. All the eligible students are required to apply for appropriate scholarship/ financial assistance scheme on the prescribed application form with appropriate documentary proof in support of application on or before the date announced by the University every academic year.
  6. Scholarship schemes cannot be combined and a student can avail only one scholarship or financial assistance scheme at a given time.
  7. All types of scholarships and financial assistantship will be given at the end of the academic year by cheque or as concession to the fee payable. Students must attend at least 75% of the classes held in the entire academic year in order to avail any of the scholarships or financial assistantship schemes.