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Department of Architecture and Planning

The Department of Architecture at CSMU is approved by the Council of Architecture and is equipped with modern tools for Architechture education. The department has well equipped labs, workshops, studios, library and other necessary infrastructure.

"Architecture is the art and science of making sure that our cities and buildings actually fit with the way we want to live our lives: the process of manifesting our society into our physical world". - Bjarke Ingels, famous Danish Architect.

What a painter does on the canvas with a handful of brushes and paints, the Architect does it with bricks and mortar. Architect is the one who gives shape to your dreams into reality. Architecture is not just about building monumental masterpieces but it is also about having the good sense to respect, preserve and protect the Mother Earth in all her pristine beauty. A good architect not only builds aesthetically pleasing structures in keeping with the requirements of time but also builds in complete harmony with the nature.

In addition to the mandatory course content the curriculum lays special emphasis on the maximum use of locally available, eco-friendly and recyclable materials and also on environment friendly methods of construction. One to one interactions with the students, site visits and out station study tours form integral part of the teaching methodology.