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Department of Applied Social Sciences

The Department of Applied Social Sciences, being one of the youngest of the departments of studies, has grown up with an incredible pace to represent one of the most prominent one in terms of strength, resources, infrastructure and employability of the students in various government / private sectors and NGOs. The department consists of two major disciplines: Psychology and Social Work as well as a number of sub-disciplines of social sciences. The department boasts its highly qualified and experienced faculty with specialized expertise in theory and field work maintaining a progressive and people centered emancipatory focus in its pedagogy, research and field action. Emphasis is put into advanced research and field action projects aligned with the latest social issues of regional and national import. Several high quality publications from reputed publishers have been produced by the faculty members and students. The Department offers BA (Hons.), B.Sc. (Hons.) and MA programmes in psychology in emphasis with specializations such as clinical psychiatry and counselling psychology. Bachelor and Masters programmes are offered in Social Work (BSW & MSW) with specializations in Rural and Urban Community Development, Corporate Social Responsibilities, Woman and Child Development etc. Ph.D. programme is offered in selected specializations of psychology and social work. The Department also boasts of excellent infrastructure with smart class-rooms, a modern counselling room, a computer and data processing laboratory and an advanced behavioural and personality enrichment laboratory

Teaching and learning methods shall comprise of lectures, demonstration of techniques, group discussions, interactions with domain experts, work with NGOs, studio assignments, presentations, reviews, critiques and feedbacks. It is encouraged that students will come up with their individual ideas to work in society.
The evaluation criteria run parallel to the course seeking a continuous comprehensive evaluation of all the competencies required in the area. This incorporates weight age given to theoretical concepts, class participation, projects, internships/industrial visits etc.

Career Avenues

Social Sciences Programmes enables one to provide clinical services such as psychotherapies. However, many bachelor’s level social workers decide to work in entry level in direct care positions, providing services and assistance to people in need. They can work in different areas ranging from child and family to substance abuse counselors.

HOD of Applied Social Sciences

Dr. Nishi Fatma

M.A. Ph.D.