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Department of Library and Information Science

Department of library and Information Science educates students at the Diploma, Degree, Master’s and Doctoral levels to become leaders in library Science, archives, and information centers; conducts research to advance the information sciences.

The faculty, staff, and students of the department constitute a community of learners in support of this mission.

The department aims to prepare individuals for positions of responsibility in the field of library and information service and to contribute to the advancement of knowledge in the field. The desire is not simply to ensure that each gains adequate employment, but to prepare graduates to assume responsible positions in libraries and information centers.

Faculty is expected, through their instructional, research, and service activities, to contribute tangibly to the development of the knowledge base that makes Library and Information Science a discipline as well as a profession.

Our, mission is in line with the mission of the university and aim to make it a better place for teaching and learning.

Library Information

Job Prospects

Knowledge Manager
Teachers in Library Science
Information Scientist
Technical Assistant in Libraries

Library Resources

Department consists of a big library which possesses all the literature, computers and other facilities which are required for the students of Library and Information Science. Details are given below.

S.No. Items No.
1 Total no. of Books 60,105
2 Total no. of Journals 93
3 Total no. of Magazines 10
4 Total no. of Newspapers 8
5 Total no. of E-Resources 6

HOD of Library and Information Science​

Dr. Deelip D. Mestry

M. Lib. Isc. Ph.D.